Corian is a surface material that offers a plethora of opportunities to designers and us, producers of furniture. Due to its excellent properties, it can be used in households as well as in commercial buildings, such as hotels, medical facilities, shops and offices.

You can make from Corian whatever you can imagine. Corian is available in more than one hundred colours and it can be processed in nearly unlimited ways.

Corian can be cut, milled, ground and glued. It can be easily bent or shaped in moulds with the temperatures of about 160 °C. Using an advanced technique of gluing and subsequent grinding, one can achieve a gapless joint. Then even the largest surfaces look as if made from one piece of material. Due to its excellent properties, Corian as an artificial stone is more and more used by architects – it is possible to shape it without limits and to trans-illuminate it, for example. Corian is a very practical material, because it is absolutely repairable. Its surface is strong and solid. It is not porous and therefore even not absorbent. All the water remains on the surface, which avoids the bacteria to be deposited and the mildews to develop.

The maintenance of this material is very easy. Common impurities, which stain the worktop or the sink, can mostly be removed using water.